Adventures of One Girl Gardener

It’s a Start

I’ve learned that over the years you should rarely, if ever, say never.

I said I would never marry a man in ministry.  Strike one.

I said I would never move from my family.  Strike two.

I said I would  never write a blog.  And yet here I am.

So what would be so big and grand that I felt it should be shared with hundreds and thousands of people?  A garden.  But this isn’t just any garden.  This is my FIRST garden.  And it isn’t necessarily the garden that I want to write about, but rather the journey.  Gardening is so much like life with it’s excitement, growth, let-downs and death.  So here I am, writing about my life through the garden in our back yard.

I should start by saying it has already begun.  I planted strawberries first, and when they were trampled underfoot while still little babies by a man who thought he was doing us some good by getting rid of the termites he thought were there but weren’t really, I bawled like a baby on my knees cradling my little ones in my arms.  Snot running down my face and my husband looking on and wanting to laugh at the scene.  I would have…laughed, had it not been so horrible to me at the time.  Alas, I replanted them and they’re all growing once again.The start of a strawberry patchThis photo was taken a few days ago, and they’re even bigger since then!

So the biggest adventure thus far was turning this

Into This!

We dug up ALL of that grass by hand, no machines here!  Then tilled the sucker until it was about 8 inches deep with loose soil, and I hand-formed all those crazy rows by myself.  I thought my back was going to give-out on me and could hardly stand long enough to walk around a few stores that evening.

But it’s done.  It’s planted for some parts.  Little broccoli leaves are standing tall (started those from seeds – that’s another journey in itself that I’ll catch you up on later), carrots, onions, lettuce, blue and Yukon potatoes, and garlic all sit in the ground.  It’s only been 6 days since I planted, so I’m eagerly awaiting the little heads to start shooting up.  Soon I’ll be planting corn and okra, tomatoes, green beans, peppers, squash and who knows what else!  Sweet Potatoes will go in later and we’ll enjoy those through the fall and early winter.

I’m so ready, but like everything else in life – I must wait.  Patience.  As if God has not taught me tons of that in the past year, I’ve decided I might need a little more.  A garden is a good way of doing that.  In fact, you want to learn something, anything, plant a garden.  You’ll learn it.  Not gardening.  In fact, your garden might fail, but you’ll learn life.

So here’s to the adventure.  Whether it thrive or fail.

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7 thoughts on “It’s a Start

  1. karen on said:

    it looks beautiful, sara! you are so talented!!

  2. Lisa Smith on said:

    Sara! This is awesome! Miss you guys!

  3. Im In Love with the New Pastors!! lol

  4. God delights in us when we delight in the things He gives to us. He loves to see us happy! I can see Him smiling now!

    Love you!

  5. This is fantastic! I can’t wait to see more!

  6. Not only do you take excellent photos, but you are a very talented writer. Congrats on the beginning of your new adventures!

  7. Okay I am technology dumb sometimes. I wrote the last post, but yet I made it look like you did. Sorry 🙂

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