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Easter is upon us and the celebrations are underway. Usually, Easter for my husband and I involves loads of family, food, little kid egg hunts, and an Easter service.  This year, our Easter will be spent in seven services at Barefoot Church in North Myrtle Beach impacting the lives of others with Tattooed, and then a wonderful dinner that I don’t have to make with some new friends.  In preparation of all the festivities, I have successfully baked fifteen dozen cookies.  That’s right, fifteen dozen.  And that isn’t even the half of what others are doing – there are 2,000 cookies to be made, dozens of breakfast casseroles to be whipped up and baked, so many hams and sides that I can’t even count.

And all of this makes me think about the tons of veggies I’m going to have in a matter of weeks.

Today after baking dozens of cookies, I planted dozens of seeds for squash and corn.  In that large garden in the back there are five rows of freshly planted and watered squash seeds.  3 rows of corn with two more to be added in two weeks.  I absolutely cannot wait!  So unlike the cookies that I vowed never to eat again because baking fifteen dozen makes the smell stick in your nostrils for weeks, I shall be eating squash and corn all year long and enjoying every minute of it.

The broccoli seems to be making some small steps, but I’m thinking the leaves aren’t growing as quickly as they should.  They looked like this last week:

And they aren’t getting much bigger.  So, today I spread some organic matter with lots of good nutrients around the base of each little plant and watered it in.  I’m hoping this will give the plants the extra boost they need so they can produce lots of yummy broccoli and feed my husband with their tender heads!

And an update on the rings of green stuff coming out in the front yard…they’re growing bigger and the purple parts are all gone.  Now these giant leaves are coming up – really pretty.

Anybody know what it is yet?  I’m still guessing…but there are three of them in big circles, and they’re sure to have bulbs b/c they were mowed all the way down and still came out.  Let me know if you can guess it!  I’m anxious to find out.

There is so much more going on in the backyard, but I’ll keep some of it to myself to share later.  For now, I’m going to say goodbye.  I hope that you all have a great weekend celebrating the Risen Christ and the hope and joy that this season brings.

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5 thoughts on “Dozens

  1. And yay for LOTS of squash going into my cheesy squash casserole! Ok, so it’s Paula Deen’s MADE by me, but still… can’t wait. Fry those puppies up in some panko too. Can’t wait to see dear friend. Beautiful post!

  2. Yep, I was right. It is a variety of Hosta. It looks like it is the big leafed one unlike my smaller variety, but it will really flourish. You might want to think about dividing some of it now before it gets too big. And move it out of the way of the mower!!!!

    • Hmmm…nice to know. Does it ever flower or just leafy? I’m not sure I can divide it up much more – there are already three rings this big that take up the front bed of the house. Maybe if I dug it up someone would want some?

  3. Shari on said:

    I think the green circles are some kind of hosta. Could be wrong but that’s what it looks like.

  4. Madonna on said:

    Sara, Your mysterious plants are hostas. They multiply like crazy. By the way, love reading your stories about your garden and faith. Love ya, Madonna

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