Adventures of One Girl Gardener

Prevailing Patience

I would have to say that patience is one of THE hardest things in the whole entire world to learn, grow-in, relearn and adapt to learn again in another situation.

I walked outside today to be defeated yet again by the slow process of growing broccoli.  Not only did I have a hard time in the first place with getting it to begin its growth in the early stages, then again when I was trying to harden them off, then again when I planted them and they broke, died, or simply dried up, but I also am given agony daily at watching the almost non-existent changes in each group of leaves.  Sure, if you go and compare this picture to the first one I took and posted you’ll see a difference, but when you’re looking at the broccoli every day it is hard to see the changes.  So goes the same in life, in trials or in celebration.  The process is so gradual usually, when you’re in the pit of despair and you can’t see your way out – God is really lifting you up,  the climb might be taking a little longer than you though, but the sun is getting closer everyday.  And one day you will notice that you aren’t in the pit anymore, and you can just walk right out.  So remember, in highs or lows, you’re always moving – growing.

And it’s the same with my garlic.  Sad day when I dug up all but one bulb (b/c it had actually produced leaves) yesterday only to find that the garlic had rotted from the inside out.  There was no hope to save it.  It however will NOT be coming back to life.

Because I was so upset about my garlic, when we were at Home Depot yesterday I convinced Nick to “let me buy just ONE rosemary bush” since mine seems to not be going anywhere and I want fresh rosemary for my cooking.  And he said yes.  We kept walking and saw tomatoes.  I sunburned mine – sad day.  They are slowly coming back to life but only have one tiny leaf on each of them.  But they didn’t have the variety I wanted to grow.  And we wheeled around another aisle where there were eggplant.  Mmm, eggplant.  I smiled. “They’re only 90 cents” Nick said this time.  I’ll take two please!  So I’m satisfied with our purchases and planted them last night.  Nick watered.  I know now that I can trust him to at least water while I’m gone in August.  Someone else might have to come pick the veggies – it’s not like I’ll be eating them, and surely Nick will stick to meat and potatoes and of course dollar pizzas while I’m gone.

By the way, don’t leave baby tomato seedlings that haven’t been hardened off out in the sun for a whole day AFTER you water them and they’re leaves.  Or better yet, don’t water the leaves at all!  Same with peppers.  Another lesson learned.  So we’re going to water the eggplant from below as well.

My patience has been tried with these little goobers too.  Yes, those are onions.  Two of only perhaps four that have come up?  And they’re so teeny-tiny that I had to use my macro lens to get a picture.  Same with the carrots and lettuce, although they’re just non-existant all together.

But you know something, when all seems lost in my first adventures in veggie-land, I plant squash and corn.   The corn is just beginning to show, but the squash – oh, my saving grace – has come up after only 4 days of being planted!  They are growing like weeds!  Speaking of weeds, it’s time to do that again.  This was a few days ago and they have practically doubled in size.  Shooting up left and right even.  When all seemed lost, I was given this little hint that vegetables really can be grown from home by a girl who has nothing more than a backyard and a husband.  “If nothing else, we’ll have squash and corn” and Nick doesn’t mind one bit.

So even when your broccoli grows slow, your rosemary won’t grow, you get rotten garlic to plant, you sunburn your tomatoes and your peppers,  AND your carrots, onions, and lettuce aren’t sprouting, there is still HOPE – in the corn and squash.  So I’ll remind myself twenty times today to be patient as I sit and watch the garden grow.

And one day we’ll have vegetables and there will be a celebration.  I am certain that patience will prevail.

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