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On Rabbits and Other Things

I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it.

Bunnies are apparently extremely attracted to broccoli.  And they also like to taste things, even if they know they don’t usually like them.  I woke last week to find two of my broccoli missing – easy to spot now as they’re getting really big.  The leaves had been nibbled off one by one, and apparently something caught them in the middle of eating or else they got full and left partial leaves on another.  So I had a problem.  If they kept eating at that rate, I was sure to have no more broccoli left for my husband’s tummy.  And he loves broccoli.

I called up my mom.  What do you do to keep bunnies out of your garden? And I wanted to do it organically, so she told me to try ground red pepper sprinkled on and around the plants and also some pet hair might work.  So I called up a friend who talked to her groomer and said I could pick up a bag of hair everyday if I wanted.  The largest shaker of ground red pepper found my cart in the grocery store, and I was off to keep the rabbits away!  I read online that you can also shave really strong-smelling soap around the border of the garden, put a stick of soap in the middle, cut up hoses in pieces to look like snakes and hang plastic bags for noise.  I thought my garden would surely look like a trash heap if I tried it all at once, but wanting to be safe and keep my broccoli in tact, I made a combination of the previous stated and hoped for the best – pet hair, ground pepper, and soap.

Eager to check my garden the next morning, I perused every broccoli only to find two more missing.  Plan B.  A fence. I wasn’t going to joke around with these bunnies.  But lo and behold my husband was gone and the two guys I know in town that I could call at a moment’s notice happened to be working.  A trip to Lowes, 80 dollars, and four hours later I had a fence surrounding my entire 30×40 garden with posts and all.  My arms hurt, my knees hurt, my back hurt along with my hands and my thighs and eyes even.  But those rabbits were not going to get anymore of my broccoli.  But they did.  So I went around and secured all the little holes they might have slipped through that night and hung a bag of fresh pet hair in a plastic bag from the kind groomer.  I figured if the hair alone didn’t do it, surely the hair and the bag together will.  The rabbits have not been back since.

*And yes, I know – I’m weeding in the morning*

I can only imagine what I had looked like out there: eyes bugging and hurling insults underneath my breath at the mysterious rabbits that I never even saw, lugging wire and posts around a huge plot of dirt in my ripped jeans and tank top, sweating so badly it might have looked like I poured water from the top down. And all of this before noon even. Rabbits.  But the price that I paid in both labor and cash is far worth the experience of having home-grown broccoli in my kitchen in only a few short weeks.

And the fact that I built a fence all on my own is nice too.

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3 thoughts on “On Rabbits and Other Things

  1. Go girl! You are awesome for building that fence!

  2. Sweet Sara – i’m almost in the floor laughing about you and the unseen bunnies!!!!!!!! What a hoot – you should write a book on beginning gardening. I’m so proud of you for putting up a fence and for your garden. I look forward to eating some of those veges when we go see all of you at Barefoot Church. Love you and happy gardening!


    you are my hero gal! i know the feeling- i am trying an organic fraken and myrhh soap- ACTUALLY SEEMS TO BE WORKING RIGHT NOW!

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