Adventures of One Girl Gardener

It’s All About the Paintbrush and Small Miracles

We lack bees.

Yes, that’s right.  You heard me.  We lack bees.  Or rather, they enjoy the honeysuckle that grows around the garden far better than the blooms that inhabit my squash plants.  So we were gone on vacation for a week and had some friends water the garden and feed the cat.  Some of the squash should be ready to pick while we’re gone, so take as much as you please. And yet when we arrived home, the squash we’d left were the same size as before and were turning black and rotting.  Over-watering maybe?  Or perhaps bugs?

I ran right inside and quickly did my research.  Pollination.  It was all about pollination.  Apparently, there are male and female flowers on each plant, and if there is nothing spreading the pollen from male to female, these little nubs will grow and then die as little tiny baby squash that can’t be eaten.  Sad day.  So I’m thinking that there are going to be no squash this year.  And along with the fact that my broccoli still hadn’t produced, and I was going to pull them up the following day, I found myself defeated.  I told Nick I wanted to just plow everything up.  I’m not a gardener. I want it gone.  I don’t want to try anymore.

I didn’t want all the work I’d put in to be in vain – but my two biggest crops were done for.  After more research, I found that I could try pollinating the squash blossoms myself.  A fine child’s paintbrush is all that I would need.  So I started the process.  Early the next morning I woke up and pollinated from male to female flowers, hoping it would work.  The next morning was the same, for four mornings straight.  And yesterday when I went out, there were five, FIVE WHOLE SQUASH waiting for me.  They were perfect.  And some hope was revealed to me.  So I’m daily continuing to pollinate with my little paintbrush and seeing, AND eating, the fruits of my labor. The squash tasted like nothing I’ve ever had.  Organic AND home-grown is definitely the way to go.

What about the broccoli you might ask?  With its lack of production, My husband and I went outside two days ago to pull it out.  I plotted my spot for other mid-summer and fall vegetables.  I put on my work clothes, slid on my muck boots, and strolled to the garden with Nick.  We both reached for plants to pull.  Sara, there’s a little broccoli head on this one! And I saw there was one on mine too.  We flitted around and saw several had little tiny broccoli heads.  Yesterday there were none.  Miracle?  Regardless, God saved the broccoli!  Now we wait to see how big they’ll get.

It was an emotional last couple of days.  I’m an emotional person. Every response I have comes from my heart.  I find that often what comes out of my mouth in a trying time, reflects what is on the inside and how I am feeling about everything else.  It’s been hard lately.  The fight.  But I know with God, I’ll win.  And that’s my hope.

So today, you see me.

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One thought on “It’s All About the Paintbrush and Small Miracles

  1. karen on said:

    love your blog sara and love your honesty. i am praying for you and for nick. we miss you guys and i rejoice in your beautiful squash! yum!!!

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